Welcome to The Chosen's journals. Each character is invited to keep a journal and write down the thoughts of their characters as they wander through Nyternia. In addition, the DM has a journal which highlights each session. The players are:

Blink - monk Errol - bard
Kestrel - fighter Malif - wizard
Vaugner - rogue Vernon - cleric/sorcerer

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Blink's Journal, session #12
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...so yes, we are cowards, or fools, or maybe we're just careful. It is hard to tell the difference, sometimes.

We arrived at the smuggler's cave. Vaugner and I tried our very best to reconnoiter and were continually foiled. Clearly someone knew we were there. So the smart thing to do was leave.

Then fate, um Vernon, intervened. Vernon stuck his head in the lion's mouth, didn't get it immediately bitten off, so we changed our minds. It turned out rather well (except for us looking like poltroons). Everyone fought well. I used the "stunning fist" trick my master had taught me and kept the main bad guy's head ringing while we bashed him around some. The key point was definitely Malif using his new "web" spell not once but twice and tying up the bad guys in the periphery. Very nice. We're not much for planning, we certainly suck at reconnaissance, but we fight well, thank the gods.

So we finally made a little money; several thousand gold pieces trickled our way, and I have a new ring of protection to try out which will help me a little with my "hit me, here I am". Malif says it's not "true", whatever that means. He seems to be saying that this thing will burn out right when I need it the most. Isn't life always like that?

Now it's time to head north to the gemstone mines. I hope we can pick up some more money up there. They mine gems, there must be money up there.

I've been thinking about my future. I have become convinced that my job is to stay in the thick of the fighting. That doesn't sound like a wizard's task (duh!). I still want to find something fun to add to my repertoire. I refuse to learn to play the drums, or go on a noisy and endless quest for a sommelier to accompany the chef (though the latter certainly lends a certain panache to our pitiful existence!). I'm thinking now of a clerical career. I had initially discarded the idea, but I've heard rumors of more interesting types of clerics. There are men called druids, and others who can cast invisibility (neat!) as a cleric spell. I must learn more. Perhaps I shall be a strange sort of invisible fighting cleric. I hear that clerics must be wise, though. I wonder if I shall be found wanting in that department.

At look at my fellows reassures me, though. Certainly, I must be among the wiser heads in our little band.