Welcome to The Chosen's journals. Each character is invited to keep a journal and write down the thoughts of their characters as they wander through Nyternia. In addition, the DM has a journal which highlights each session. The players are:

Blink - monk Errol - bard
Kestrel - fighter Malif - wizard
Vaugner - rogue Vernon - cleric/sorcerer

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Blink's Journal, session #13
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Finally, we're on the road north. Apparently, it's a damn long trip, weeks and weeks. Quite an adventure in itself - I've never been this far from home. Malif makes a convincing point: the further we get from "civilization", the more opportunities will present themselves. I'd ask Errol to quantify it, but I think he only knows Simple Math, like counting the number of legs on an ant (which turns out not to be that easy, as events would demonstrate).

We finally (oops!) took a peek in Mortinser's message book. Turns out he sent us a message a WHILE ago saying there'd be an adventurer's guild meeting up north in July. Time to get moving.

Pippi gave us some advice for dealing with the northerners. He said, be aggressive, otherwise they won't respect you. I like that advice; I've never had much patience for diplomacy. "Surrender or die" is good with me. I hope Pippi wasn't kidding, the way Uncle Plato was when he taught my father a few words of Dwarvish. He gave Dad a Dwarvish phrase for "thank you kindly, great sir" which REALLY meant "move over, you insignificant little man". Luckily, Dad never got out much, so he's still alive to tell the tale.

On the way north, we found something useful to do: we're cleaning out a den of giant ants (pretty scary giant ants, at that!). A merchant got bushwacked by ants; if we can recover his body we'll get a couple thousand gold pieces, and best of all, there may be some magic items to recover.

So we've lured three successive groups of ants out of their nest, and disposed of them. The third group was quite difficult, since it included three ant-spider combos (mutants? magical creations?). Using the great Dumbass taxonomy that Errol has taught me, I immediately classified these as belonging to the "goo" genus. Turns out they were marginal members of the goo family, since they only gooed when dying. So I'm thinking of proposing to Errol that there should a third genus, called something like "death". I don't want him to laugh at me, though: his knowledge of Dumbass things is so much greater than mine.

Highlights of our fights against the ants:

  • Malif once again demonstrated the awesome utility of his "web" spell. It's really a show-stopper. It's apparently quite hard to cast, though. I heard him cursing ("what misbegotten spawn of a Belar's bowels invented this filth?", though I might have misheard) and muttering something about "opposing poles.I'll give them opposing poles.". I've recently heard that the great wizards can design their own spells.perhaps Malif can create a "web that simply fills a certain volume with goo" spell. If it were me, I'd make it purple colored and have a cool audible component like the sound of Errol giving his great rendition of "If only I had a chef".

  • Kestrel showed up something he called "power attack". I think that's a little conceited as a name ("big whack" would be simpler), but he certainly managed to explode a few ants (literally!).

  • Malif is a better archer than Vaugner, it seems. Vaugner hates that. But Vaugner is unparalleled at sticking a big sword in something's back. He and Kestrel really saved my ass today. And Vernon healed me! I think that's the part I'd tell my grandchildren about, except that maybe they wouldn't believe me. I'll have to stick with the "golden dragon gave me a ride into the clouds and we had lunch with the gods" story.

  • Errol kept drumming even while being grabbed and munched on by an ant. The man's a true artist.

  • I got my first really mighty whack at an ant (my teachers called it a "critical hit" in training). I could have sworn that it would kill it, but it didn't. Sigh. Then I got grabbed by an ant, sucked into our own web (had to burn myself out - not fun), and a little later one of the spider-ants did something to me that made me run away screaming like a little girl. Not my best day of combat, but I survived, and that what's it's all about.