Welcome to The Chosen's journals. Each character is invited to keep a journal and write down the thoughts of their characters as they wander through Nyternia. In addition, the DM has a journal which highlights each session. The players are:

Blink - monk Errol - bard
Kestrel - fighter Malif - wizard
Vaugner - rogue Vernon - cleric/sorcerer

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Malif's Journal, session #2
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February the Twenty-Sixth

It's been a grueling couple of days. Much has happened, little time to write. We have the statue! Now, to return it. Something tells me that the journey home will not be easy, though we are but days away.

Along the way, we captured, and nearly killed, the statue's thief. And a close call it was, as well. I misjudged his speed and my cover of darkness, and nearly let him run straight into me with my nearest companion a good distance away. Once again, the little anto in my hand felt underpowered. I was glad not to have to rely on it, but now my resolve to improve the little 'bow is redoubled. Already I have ideas on how to load it quicker. There's nothing like a little real world experience of facing a deadly foe to make clear the vagaries of the Drow manuals. I think I see how they intended it to work. With a little experimentation, some new equipment, and a bit of gold for some better steel, I think I can redesign the anto's action to streamline reloading. Then at least I'll be able to keep moving -- something that might have saved my life in that forest if our preoccupied thief had been paying a bit more attention.

February the Twenty-Seventh

I am toying with ideas for improving my skills. Kestrel, it is clear, could teach me much. I fear that too long I have neglected the Martial arts in favor of the Arcane. My aim is poor, despite having much skill with my hands. Lack of practice and instruction is my error. And my constitution, though hearty, lies cold and dormant. I could exercise far more than I do. Still, asking Kestrel to steady my hand and strengthen my limbs would mean taking time away from my studies, which, in all truth, have just begun. I may have finally joined the ranks of the Initiated, but descriptions of the formulation of even the simplest of Arcane Mechanicals still make my head swim! I have hard study to do before I can create even the most minor of trinkets. The thought of delaying that education pains me! And yet, the very real dangers of the world impress upon me that I ought to give serious thought to the more mundane, and yet worthy, skills of battle.

February the Twenty-Eighth

My mind is settled. I will ask Kestrel to tutor me in his Art. Today, we might have all perished. A Belar wizard of great power attacked us, demanding the statue which we had carried to within sight of Pavalar. We stood our ground, somewhat foolishly, and as the others bought a little time with words, I decided to crush the opal and call for Tera. Needless to say, I am writing this, and so we survived, all thanks to her. The blow that Kestrel took, though, looked to me as though it would have been fatal had I been where he stood. Time, then, to strengthen the skills of battle! I will neglect my education in the Subtle Arts for a time so that I may live to master them!

March the First

Not everything may be neglected, however. Alana seems to have gotten herself in a bit of trouble. Why I care, I am not sure. But care I do, at least until she proves untrue. This morning, Vaugner and I took a look at a cave she claims to have visited, wherein she robbed a grave of sorts, and then was taken prisoner after returning to the City with her ill-gotten gains -- though she's innocent to here her tell it. We shall see, if the rest of the party is game. Vaugner and I are a bit too... cautious... to venture in alone. The den is clearly foul. Alana is either foolhardy or inobservant. In either case, if I can free her from the constable's jail, she'll need a bit of schooling. Won't that be a bit of fun!

Ah, but now, time to visit again with our illustrious hosts, our benign guardians who are so loath to interfere with our simple, pathetic human lives. Except Klaus, that is. He seems quite at ease when involving humans in his plans. Oh, and of course, then there's Tera. Equally at ease manipulating humans to do her bidding. Could it be that the facade the Belar show to us masks some hidden intent? Hmmmm... does a centaur relieve himself in the forest?