EQ Scripts
Everquest Scripts
Welcome to Cardplace's Everquest Scripts! Here are the scripts we currently maintain. If you have any ideas for cool scripts let us know... it might just get written.
Item Rating & Evaluation Script
Want to compare items? Looking for the best upgrade for your DKP? Want to find out what upgrades are within your reach? This script does all this and more! Tweak values for stats to customize for your character, use zone filters to remove items out of your reach, and compare scores to see what the most efficient upgrades are!
LDON Merchant Script
Have some points from LDON adventures but not sure what to spend them on? This script allows you to search by theme, price, stats, effects and more. Plan out what the best use of your points are by using this script!

Scripts maintained by Letalis Ericius, a guild on E'ci