Welcome to cardplace.com
Welcome to cardplace.com
July 14, 2024

Randomly Assorted Bits and Bytes     

cardplace.com is a collection of random sites and scripts I have written. Originally created in 1996, cardplace.com hosted an online Magic the Gathering card list database. Unfortunately, that machine died, and the script was lost, and eventually I stopped playing magic.

Still, the domain was mine, and while it's not the greatest name, there are certainly many worse ones out there. So now I call cardplace home.

LJImages Playground is a site I created after I started blogging. At peak over 500 users post to LiveJournal each minute, and several of them post images to their blogs. This site captures them and allows people to interact with the images in a number of ways.

The official World of Warcraft forums are frighteningly busy, receiving a new post almost every second. To better keep track of official Blizzard posts ("blue posts") I created BlueTracker, which archives official blue posts.

While I don't play Everquest anymore, I wrote several scripts for EQ. You can find a Item Evaluation Script and an LDON Merchant Database in the Everquest section.

The Chosen is a Dungeons and Dragons game I current am the dungeon master for. It's a resource for my players to get and share information.

I was lucky enough to take a summer course in Photography in 1994 while at Stanford. As one of my projects, I took a bunch of pictures of Reno; I've scanned some of them in my Reno section.

Random news is a section that still needs some work, but I wrote a script to link to and cache web pages I found interesting.

Random thoughts and other threads can be found at my blog at LiveJournal where I go by the user random_skeins since all my regular names were already taken.