Magic Items in this campaign differ significantly from magic items in most campaigns. The items listed in the Dungeon Master's Guide all exist in this world, but all have the name "true" pre-pended to them. For example, a folding boat as listed in the DM's Guide is a "True Folding Boat." These items function as normal, and are uncommon to rare.

More commonly found are limited use magic items. These items are in all ways identical with their true counterparts with the exception that the magic imbuing these items is not permanent. Each time an item is used, it has a chance to lose its magic. If the item is continuously on, it has a chance to fail every time period (the specific time depends on each item). If this happens, treat as if a permanent dispel magic had been placed on the item. Items in an extradimenional space are considered lost, so using a non-true bag of holding is not advised! Such items cannot be recharged, though often they can be reused as material components in the creation of a new magic item.

Players can still make magic items as normal, though these will be of the normal (non-true) variety. To make an item a true magic item, the spell Bind (which is the same as the spell permanency in the Player's Handbook except that it requires a precious gem to channel surrounding energies and channel the magic to an item, and temporarily drains 15 strength points and 4 intelligence points, each of which come back one point every week. If the caster does not have at least 15 strength and 4 intelligence, he cannot cast the spell.) is cast upon the item. The spell permanency does not exist; if an item lists permanency as necessary, only one Bind spell needs to be cast to make the item a true magic item, and a non-true variety of that item does not exist.

Because of the strenuousness of creating true magic items, most are created by Belar -- it is rare to find a human both smart enough and strong enough to create them. Regular magic items are much easier to create -- indeed the Belar train, teach, and apprecentice many humans in the school of sorcery, and the creation of magic items is an integral part of the training.

The exception to this is magic weapons and armor. The steel used to create magic weapons and armor has greater affinity for magic. Because of this, magic weapons and armor typically retain their magic permanently without use of the Bind spell. Any magic beyond normal plusses (such as a sword of dancing) would still need the Bind spell cast upon it for the special effect to be permanent.