Here is a short summary of the sessions run to date in The Chosen campaign.

Session 1: The Stolen Sculpture, part 1
  6 characters are called to retrieve a stolen statue.
Session 2: The Stolen Sculpture, part 2
  The party finds the statue, as well as more questions than answers
Session 2.5: In Pavalar
  The party gathers some information and goes through training.
Session 3: The Cube, part 1
   The party wake up in a 15' x 15' x 15' room with no idea how they got there, and no apparent way out of the maze.
Session 4: Aid Alana
  The party helps a thief who claims she's innocent of a theft...
Session 5: The Trouble with Cherbas, part 1
  The party discovers that the Cherbas are perhaps not as harmless as they thought...
Session 6: The Trouble with Cherbas, part 2
  The party solves the trouble with the Cherbas
Session 7: The Cube, part 2
  The party finds themselves in a group dream again
Session 8: A Visit to Chias / Interlude
  The party vists Chias and gathers information about the world around them
Session 9: The Ruins of Sola
  The party heads to Sola in search of... adventure!
Session 10: The Dream of Old Sola / Revisiting Rillan
  The party dreams of the days of Sola before it was destroyed. Afterwards, they head towards Tsarkin, stopping by Rillan's house.
Session 10.5: The Ambush
  The party is ambushed in the middle of the night
Session 11: Return to the Ruins of Sola
  After finding out why Sola was so popular, the party decides to return to the Ruins of Sola to find the treasure they missed before.
Session 12: Smuggler's Blues
  The party feels poor. Coincidentally, they hear of a band of smugglers in the area...
Session 13: Ants!
  Traveling to Ashanto, the party stops in Asterin to kill some ants ravaging the countryside.
Session 14: Ants!, part 2 & The Cube, part 3
  The party explores the Ant tunnels and then dreams of The Cube.
Session 15: The Tallo Hunt
  The party decides to enter The Tallo Hunt.
Session 16: Et tu Bruté?
  The party attempts to track down Bruté.
Session 17: Revenge
  The party drops in on Bruté.
Session 18: The Ashanto Convention
  The party arrives in Ashanto to participate in the annual adventurer's convention.
Session 19: The Ashanto Convention Part 2
  The party finishs the Ashanto competition.
Session 20: The Topaz Acquisition
  The party clears a cavern to safeguard a mine.
Session 21: Tamson Destanta
  The party meets Tamson... 700 years in the past.
Session 22: Tamson continued, and Return to Trovantain
  The party finishes up the past and head into Trovantain.
Session 23: More Trovantain
  The party continues to travel through Trovantain
Session 24: Vertasé and the Castle
  The party arrives in Vertasé and (re-)visits the castle
Session 25: Lycanthropes, Assassins, and Minotaurs Oh My!
  The party negotiations with lycanthropes, surives an assassination attempt, and track down minotaurs
Session 26: Attack on the Village
  The party ends up in a village that is attacked by Minotaurs
Session 27: Night Attack
  The minotaurs approach another town and attack at night
Session 28: Minotaur Down
  The party finally defeats the minotaur leader
Session 29: Eudaimonia and the Elves
  The party claims their reward and visits their thorpe and some elves
Session 30: The Elven Forest
  The party travels through the Elven Forest and encounters some difficulties
Session 31: Lintinil and the Dream
  The party travels to the Elven capital and have another group dream
Session 32: Storming the Castle
  The party finds a way into the compound and the castle
Session 33: The Dream of Covalence
  The party acquires covelence then return to reality; they then go in search of bird eggs
Session 34: News and Covalence
  The party gains much knowledge, as well as Covalence
Session 35: The Star of Moana
  The party dreams again, this time of the Star of Moana
Session 36: The Star, continued
  The party enters and ice mage while still in the past
Session 37: The Star, completed
  They party ends their dreams and travel to West Mantar
Session 38: Storming the Castle
  The party rescue a trapped king in East Mantar
Session 39: Excuse me, Have You Seen the Mercenary Army?
  The party looks for a mercenary army in southern West Mantar
Session 40: Dreaming of Sola and The Cube Revisted
  The party enters Sola in their dreams, and later find their dream of The Cube has a counterpart in reality
Session 41: Mirror Fight and... Confusion?
  The party defeats their alter-egos and find not at all what they were expecting
Session 42: Pavalar, Sola, and the Cauldron
  The party travels around tieing up loose ends and finding new puzzles.