The Chosen campaign takes place in the world of Nyternia. This is a high magic world, where magic is very common and accepted. However, there are some differences between most D&D worlds and this one:

  • There is a new race: the Belar
  • Magic items are handled differently.
  • Many of the common evil races do not seem to exist (orcs, goblins, etc)

    If you are interested in the progress of the campaign you can look at the session summaries or the DM and player journals.

    Nyternia is divided into eight territories, each of them in essence a benevolent dictatorship headed by a family line of Belars. Because the Belar are not particular interested in the intricacies of human affairs, each region may have various human governments (city states, monarchy, etc) which rule the day to day affairs of humans. Of course, the Belar have final say in anything that goes on, but it is extremely rare that they will intervene. Because the Belar are lawful good, malicious dictatorships, tyrants, and other evil governments do not exist.

    This campaign has a high emphasis on roleplaying and innovative and/or in-character play. The way XP is accrued is based on this. During this campaign players will have access to individual weblogs where they can keep journal entries for their characters. Though this is optional, players are encouraged to use it -- both as a way for the player to get in touch with his character and to help guide what direction the campaign should take.