The Belar:

  • These creatures are highly developed and lawful good. They try to make sure they consider all the facts and perspectives before they make any judgments.They will try hard to make the morally correct decision.
  • Belar are as varied in appearence as Humans. They stand 8' to 10' tall, can have eyes of any color but typically blue or brown. Most Belar have brown hair, ranging from a light auburn to almost black; however, blue, blond, and red haired Belar exist.
  • Usual adults will have Str: 19-24, Int: 18-25, Cha: 18-23 and improved (12-20) Dex, Con, and Wis.
  • Though there are both male and females, their method of sexual reproduction is not known, and there is no incest taboo. Belar do not show overt signs of sexual public displays of affection (though familial affection is quite common).
  • Belar's lifespans are around 5000 years. They grow from a child to a young adult (in about 200 years), and they remain in that state till the day they die. Assuming a Belar does not die for other reasons, sometime between 50 to 100 years before the Belar will die of old age, he understands his body is about to fail him.
  • There are only about 5000 Belar in the realm. There have only been 5 "generations" since the creation of the world (about 40,000 years ago).
  • Almost all Belar's can cast mage and/or priest spells, though many stop after acquiring their third circle of spells.
  • Belar's can communicate with blood relatives using telepathy. The range of this ability is not known. Belar may have another innate abilities (many rumors abound) but if such abilities exist, they are rarely used.
  • Belars are NPC's only.