It began with nothing. Then Lodi looked upon the void and decided that this would be the chosen place. Lodi called his brothers and sisters -- Moana, Deonstramous, Ely, Valkon, Benk, Keele, and Valtorin -- and together they created land, air, and water, weaving magic through the void to cause them to coalesce.

Eventually the continents and seas stabilized, and the magic used to fuse the elements mostly dissipated, though small remnants of magical fields remained to reinforce the world.

The gods looked upon their creation and found it lacking. The gods decided that each of them would add a feature to the world until they all found it satisfying. Ely said "This world is too bland." She walked through the world as she started humming and moving her hands. Thus the first forests, streams, and mountains were created. The gods thought it an improvement, but still found it lacking.

Valkon said, "There are no creatures." He stood at the top of a mountain peak and concentrated. From out of the air, many birds were formed. From out of the trees, bears, tigers and all sorts of beasts sprang forth. From deep in the oceans, whales, sharks, and fish were born. The gods delighted in these creatures, but still found it lacking.

Benk said, "We must have sentient creatures -- creatures to rule this world." He made short stocky creatures much like himself, and infused in them a love of the earth. "I shall call these dwarves, and they shall be the chosen." But alas, he infused in them too much love for the earth, and instead of wanting to tame and rule the world, they turned their attention into the hills and mountains, delving into the earth trying to uncover its secrets. The dwarves would not be the chosen ones.

Moana said, "Your dwarves were a good start, but they love the earth so much they neglect the rest of the world." To compensate, she imbued a love of all of nature into her creatures. But she also infused in them a slight distrust of the underground, so that they would concentrate on the surface world. "These creatures shall live longer, as well, so they may truly appreciate and tend to the world they live in." And thus the elves were born. But alas, while the elves did love all of the world, instead of wanting to tame and rule the world, they grew fearful of their own mortality, and instead isolated themselves in their own community. The elves would not be the chosen ones.

Moana said, "The elves live so long they grow fearful of dying. They fear change. We must have creatures who are innovative and willing to take risks." And thus the humans were born. The humans were indeed innovative, and willing to try and tame and rule the world. But the gods did not anticipate that this innovation would cause humans to live such short lives. "These humans die before they can cause any permanent change! We must fix this." The humans would not be the chosen ones.

Lodi called all his fellow gods around him. "Look, we have made a good start. But these humans do not live long enough, nor are they strong enough to truly tame this land. Enough playing around; we must create creatures which love the whole world, who live a long time but are innovative enough to solve problems for themselves, and brave enough to want to tame the world." The gods all agreed, and Lodi gathered his brothers and sisters into a circle. Lodi spoke in a thunderous voice various words of magic, and thus the belar were born -- creatures who embodied everything these gods were looking for.

The cost of the magic was great, however. The gods were exhausted and needed to rest and withdraw from the world. As they looked upon world they created, and the belar walking through it, they realized the belar were not perfect, but they were good enough. The belar would be the chosen ones to rule the world.