Here are some questions which have been asked by various people:

Q:Can I buy magic items with my starting gold?
A:Yes, please ask the DM for pricing on magic items.

Q:What is the weather like on Nyternia?
A:The southern part of Nyternia is almost always warm, even in winter (think like San Diego). As you go farther north, the climate gets colder, and on the northern tip of the main island, there is some snow during the winter. The northern-most tip of the northern island has almost permanent permafrost.

Q:Why is there snow in the central mountain range?
A:Those mountains are quite tall (some go to over 20000 feet). Despite the warm climate of that region, the high altitude manages to collect some snow at times.

Q:How do clerics work?
A:All clerics worship Valkon. Choose any two domains you want.

Q:What kind of government is Pavalar?
A:Inner Pavalar is ruled by a Belar (who you have never met). You're not sure exactly who is chosen to be leader, but there is a set line in the succession. Outer Pavalar is rules by a human, who is appointed by a council of Belar. Though he has final say for the day to day affairs, and rules like a king, he ultimately reports to the Belar, to whom he has sworn an oath to be fair and just.

Q:Do the Belar have their own language and if so can the PC's learn it?
A:The Belar do have their own language, but it is very rare for a human to hear it. The Belar often speak to each other telepathically, so it's rare to overhear two Belar in conversation. In addition, the Belar would consider it rude to speak in their own language while a human (who wouldn't be able to understand it) is around. Thus they switch to common in the presence of humans. These factors make it very hard to learn the spoken language. The written language is symbol based, with over 20000 symbols.

Q:What is the power level of the campaign? How rare are high level NPC's?
Here is a general guideline.

Levels 1-3: pretty much a dime a dozen. You're not really special on the whole. Some people see potential in you, but then there are lots others if you aren't around.

Level 4: considered a "veteren." People begin to take you seriously, as you are going to be competent, especially if you are younger (which shows you have a lot of potential) . Still, there are a lot of competent people around though, and no one is going to remember you.

Level 5-8: considered "seasoned." You've seen a bit of the world and have some experience under your belt. Normal people won't dismiss you outright, though you'll have no chance of getting to see nobility still. People feel safer when you are around them (asuming you are good).

Level 9: considered "expert." The waves of people are thinning now, though there are still a bunch of 9+ people that exist. The captain of the guard of a large town or small city will be around this level. You probably won't find a level 9 or higher cleric or mage in most small cities (or smaller). There are still enough adventurers level 9 or higher, though, that at level 9, you can't expect that you'll always be higher than whom you meet.

Level 12: considered "badass." There are perhaps 100 or less of you in each country that are this high level. A captain of the guard in a large city will probably be around this level. At this level, you will attract the attention of nobility, though not as high as the king. The king may vaguely know you, but you're not rare enough to not be interchangable with some other badass.

Level 15. There are perhaps 10-20 people in each country that are of this caliber. The king will know you by now, though he still commands enough resources that he won't fear you, but he will definately listen if you have something to say.

Level 18. You would be hard pressed to find an human NPC level 18 or higher. Those that achieve this level generally are going to be dealing with other worlds and matters that go along with that. The belar (a semi-demi-god race in my world) start to notice you. Kings won't want to make you unhappy, if possible.

Level 21. You're epic. No humans in my campaign world have achieved this status.