Here are the gods of Nyternia:

Lodi - Father of the Gods, God of Time
Lodi is the eldest of the gods and the head of the council of gods. In general he is neutral good, though he has been known to stray from his alignment at times. He is respected by the other gods, who often defer to his judgment. There is a rumor he can control the flow of time, but whether that is true or whether he can merely see into the future and the past is unclear. Lodi usually appears as a tall belar with bright red hair and a booming voice.

Moana - Goddess of Magic, Goddess of Energy
Moana, the Goddess of Magic and the Goddess of Energy, is chaotic neutral. She delights in seeing magic used -- whether for good or evil she does not care. She talks fast and her mind is often racing in several different directions at once. Moana is as thin as an elf but as tall as a belar. She usually wears black robes and a black hood.

Deonstramous - Goddess of Crafting
Deonstramous is lawful good and the Goddess of Crafting. Deonstramous is most interested in order and creation. Rumor has it that many of the Great Bridges and major monuments were created directly from her inspiration. Deonstramous usually appears as a pale blond elf with intense blue eyes.

Ely - Goddess of Weather, Goddess of the Sea
Ely is the goddess of storms, earthquakes, and weather in general. She is also the goddess of the oceans and seas. Much like her domains, she is chaotic neutral, and quick to change her opinion or moods. Ely takes on many forms, both male and female, of whichever race suits her at the moment.

Valkon - God of Life and Death, God of War
All priests in Nyternia gather their magic from Valkon, the master of Life and Death. Though it may seem odd that both evil and good clerics revere the same god, Valkon's only decree is "You must become the best person you can be." It is unclear why he allows his clerics to fight each other. Valkon is also the God of War. He is true neutral but allows his followers to be of any faith. Valkon is rarely seen, but when glimpsed he appears as a tall belar wearing a half black half white mask with a black hood and a billowing overcloak.

Benk - God of Earth, God of the Underworld
Benk delights in the minerals and rocks which make up the earth. Somewhat a loner, he is most at home underground by himself. Benk is lawful neutral. It is said that nothing that happens underneath the world happens without Benk knowing about it. Benk often appears as a stout mountain dwarf with a pickaxe in one hand and a tankard of ale in the other.

Keele - Goddess of Fertility and the Harvest, Goddess of Love
Every being, gods included, feel happier and calmer when they are in the presence of Keele, such is her charisma. Keele's mission is to ensure the continuation of all life cycles, from belar and humans to plants and insects. Keele is chaotic good, and while she is always good, sometimes she delights in creating ironic situations. Keele appears to each being differently -- each sees her as the most beautiful person (of the same race and opposite sex) possible. People often cannot recall exactly what she looks like, so captivating is her presence.

Valtorin - God of Mischief and Mirth, God of Dragons, Dryads, et al
Valtorin is trixster of the gods. Rumor has it that the gods were forced to retreat after creating the belar because Valtorin did not contibute his energy to the creation. Instead, he stole back down into the world when all the other gods were resting and created many creatures. Regardless of whether this is true, many non-humanoid creatures (nymphs, giants, centaurs, etc) regard Volatorin as their god. Valtorin is, of course, chaotic neutral. Valtorin can appear in many guises, but is most often found as either a court jester or as a human noble, depending (according to him) on which seems funnier at the time.