My name is Arduleyl. I was born as an anomaly, a freak occurence that happens only once in several generations. I am a reverse albino. My clan spurned me, but could not bring themselves to abandon me. Instead, rather than dolls and toys, I have been raised to think like a dark elf, to act like a dark elf. Through my actions, I may be able to redeem myself and my family. I will infiltrate the dark elves and destroy the drow from within. This is my report.

I was born in Lin'liltanin. I was removed from my parents immediately at birth. I do not even know who they are. From my earliest memories, I remember being different. People would look at me and quickly turn away. The only person who cared for me was Tigran, an elf elder whose job it was to train me to be a spy.


(about halfway through the book)
We decided to create the entrance to Sarlorinth in the hills near the mouth of the Navari. Here is where we will seal ourselves from the outside world. This will be the gateway city into the heart of the Drow empire.

... (Several paragraphs follow with nothing of interest)...
The drow spies have reported that giants and minotaurs have stolen the Star of Moana from Sil'lintinil. The drow elders want to intercept the artifact before it is lost for good.

I have mixed feelings on this. On one hand for the artifact to truly be lost would be unthinkable, on the other for the drow to control it would be even worse.

Our diviners have selected an odd lot to recover the artifact. It seems woefully underpowered, but our diviners are adamant that they are the ones who have the best chance to succeed. I do not know whether to oppose their mission because of the portent, or whether to approve because they will almsot surely fail.