1. Tallo was the famous belar druid who founded Tallo in Cressa. What was her favored animal? - Squirrel
2. This fearsome giantbane sword played a key role in conquering the giants in The Central Spine. - Divine Justice
3. In The Cleansing, Voran aided the belar. His crest was red on a brown background. Name the two items that appeared on his crest. Be specific. -- Double-bladed axe and amethyst with a depiction of an eye
4. This battle, ended 533 years ago by mutual consent, resulted in a redrawing of the Romonus - Blanthan border - Red Rock Skirmish
5. In "The Travels of Minplar" in which village did Minplar fend off a troll invasion? Lardis
6. [In a mix of Draconian, Elvish, and Dwarvish] - Which of these is not like the other? - Draconian
7. What was the color of the fence in Piton's "A Summer's Afternoon" - green
8. In what year was Destronimo's book "In the Tower" written? - 34218
9. Who were the four elves who were the commanders at the end of the second Elven Wars? - Lin'Lathanal, Lin'Lantis, Vil'Sinthil, Vil'Lantras
10.What is the name of "The Lost Symbol"? - Telko


1. 15,232 years ago, this elven artifact was stolen from the elves by giants and never recovered. - The Heart of Moana
2. This famous dish was first created at "The Sleepy Fisherman" in Kietzke but has spread throughout the lands. - Spiny Tuna Casserole
3. This red herb which grows in shade and is poisonous to humans, is often used to topically treat muscle aches in horses. - Minceton
4. This was the nickname for Salvan, the leader of the warrior's guild in Sola 4800 years ago. - "The General"
5. This ranger who lived 700 years ago, is widely considered to be the best human two weapon fighter who ever lived. - Tamson Destanta
6. This field was the belar Cressa's specialty - Divination
7. This city was the fourth belar city created - Danlo
8. This was the first human climber to scale Mt Yinthinr - Syran Mantham
9. This was the husband of the famous diplomat who signed the Treaty of Tenben - Banthor Duxum
10. This protoplasmic blob of a beast with many eyes and mouths can actually speak common, but hardly ever bothers to communicate - Gibbering Mouther
11. This bridge, said for a while to be a great human achievement, collapsed in 36223 - Stone Centris Bridge
12. This was the signature spell of Yogar, the most powerful wizard who ever lived. - Hellball
13. This famous jester of the Lower Bedorae court was granted a title of noble upon the death of King Ulinus - Jangle
14. According to legend, this god usually appears as a tall belar with bright red hair and a booming voice - Lodi
15. Name the third son of Balthantal, Father of the Dwarves - Boran
16. This defiant red dragon was the last be killed by the belar. His death paved the way for the dragons to agree to a truce - Thermus the Strong
17. The belar and elves signed the treaty of Sil'lintinil in what year - 14204
18. Santor Binthil's innovative new style of painting ended this era of painting - The Minute Movement
19. While Tasha is the reputed creator of Tasha's Hideous Laughter, a small minority of people believe it was actually stolen from this wizard - Tantis Fandon
20. While searching for The Passion of Keele, Lentra explored The Central Spine. According to legend, her troops were worn down by various monsters. According to legend, Ely met her and was impressed by her courage and decided to aid her. How? - Ice Hurricane
21. According to legend, each of the gods created an artifact. What did Valtorin create and to whom did he give it to? - Deck of Many Things was given to the pixies
22. This magical beast is a strange, catlike carnivore with extremely flexible skin on its head. It measures 4 or 5 feet in length with a long, narrow head. It weighs about 175 pounds. - Krenshar
23. This new beverage was just created this year in Pavalar by Janson Taylor. - The Minstrel's Delight
24. This famous rider was among the first to breed horses for specific traits. He is credited with creating Plithian horses. Plithias Fancris
25. This is the name of a pulpy cactus common in Trovantain looks poisonous with purple spines along its leafs amd small red flowers, but actually is a delicacy used in key cactus pie. - Sage Thin Cactus
26. In the blizzard of 39623, how many inches of snow fell in Kietzke in a 24 hour time period? - 55"
27. What humanoids periodically harrassed the city of Sola before it fell? - Lizardmen
28. Of the nine wonders of Yogar, which was the fifth created? - The Twin Pyramids
29. Rather than being forced to live within The Central Spine, which race was rumored to have planeshifted in search of another home? - Storm Giants
30. Which forest in Cressa is rumored to be haunted. - The Wayward Forest