Welcome to The Chosen's journals. Each character is invited to keep a journal and write down the thoughts of their characters as they wander through Nyternia. In addition, the DM has a journal which highlights each session. The players are:

Blink - monk Errol - bard
Kestrel - fighter Malif - wizard
Vaugner - rogue Vernon - cleric/sorcerer

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Malif's Journal, session #6
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March the Tenth

Our quarry, Rillan, is in the bag, so to speak. Wasn't much of a fight. More of a surrender, actually. Seems the Cherbas tainted most of Rillan's house, stifling the Magic in the area. Rillan couldn't cast a thing, the poor sop. The fool is lucky he didn't have much of obvious value. He might not have survived his "surrender". For now, though, we'll have to be content with the 1000 gold on his head.

March the Eleventh

Ah, rare is the day that goes by without the Belar and their cowed slaves showing their meddling hands in the affairs of the world. Four humans materialized before us on the road to Pavalar and demanded Rillan. Clearly, the Belar ordered their vassals to scry upon Rillan and then teleport to him. Disturbing how easily they accomplished their goal. We shall need protections against scrying and teleportation as well in the future.

The four the Belar sent easily outmatched us. That they meant us no harm was clear, if we cooperated, and so we surrendered Rillan, but not without much show of bravado. 'Tis easy to be brave with these simpletons who follow their master's rules to the letter!

The little band's leader intrigues me. Jasrina is her name. She seemed genuinely surprised that I did not take her insignia as proof of her station, as if the thought of forgery or of theft had never entered her pretty little head. Ah, and pretty it is! She's enough to banish all thought of Alana! Ha! 'Tis a wide world with many fruits to be sampled, indeed, this much is now quite clear. "Investigator", she is called. Sounds like an accomplished thief to me, though perhaps one with too many loyalties and not enough "personal initiative". Older, more skilled, possessed of greater experience... she probably puts Alana to shame, in every way possible! Ha! Perhaps with time, this Jasrina might mend her ways... or at least bend her ways! What a conquest that would be!

In any case, I half-jokingly told fair Jasrina that she would do well not to lie to us, for if she did, we would undoubtedly have to hunt her down and kill her. She laughed, which is good. I left things at that, and though she realizes we are but young, we are not so much younger than she, and it was we who held Rillan, and not her, was it not? She may laugh now, but someday, those of her station will not so readily take our words as jest.

March the Thirteenth

Ah, the Fair Jasrina, ever will that be her name! Well, at least for a few years yet, one can hope! Ha! We met once again, in the Outer City at the headquarters of the Council of Justice, no less! "Investigator" for the Council... perhaps I can persuade the Fair Jasrina to do a bit of investigation with me! Ha!

Of course, she remembered us from the road, though she seemed a bit surprised to see us so soon. I told her with mock relief that I my heart was gladdened that she had not lied to us, for, since we had now tracked her down, we were spared the lamentable duty of killing her! She laughed once more! Very good. More small-talk ensued, and soon I had had enough. "We're here for our money", I said. After all, lovely or not, money is money, and one can not become too distracted when dealing with a woman.

She excused herself, and soon returned with 1500 in gold! Not seeing any need to question the discrepancy in our favor, we took the coin and left. Thank the gods that be, Vernon was not there to say anything! It is difficult enough to maintain my new lifestyle without his charitable interferences. Errol would certainly understand. He may not be the bravest soul to cross my path, but the man knows the value of coin well-spent. Why eat salt pork or sleep in a stable when there is fine roast boar and a featherbed to be had? Especially when one never knows what else the featherbed might contain! Ha!