Welcome to The Chosen's journals. Each character is invited to keep a journal and write down the thoughts of their characters as they wander through Nyternia. In addition, the DM has a journal which highlights each session. The players are:

Blink - monk Errol - bard
Kestrel - fighter Malif - wizard
Vaugner - rogue Vernon - cleric/sorcerer

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Kestrel's Journal, session #40
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After all our debate about whether to enter the real cube, we sort of wandered in by default.

Vernon opened the door, and it looked familiar, so we just... went in. The first few rooms were mostly the same. There were some levers, which we put all up and all left, and the door opened. There was the puzzle with the animals and the colors, and we got that one, no problem. There were a bunch of numbers that did or did not divide by three -- we touched ones evenly divisible by three, and it worked.

Next we expect the puzzle where there are indestructable constructs with strange lights. Last time, we put them next to one another, and turned on the lights, and they went away. I assume this one will be similar.

But I'm very worried about the last room. In the dream, there were doubles of all of us, and we had a rousing fight. Blink was killed in the fight, and maybe someone else as well, but it didn't matter since it was a dream.

Now, I worry a lot more. It's not a dream this time. And we are a very high offensive output party, which means that there will be people going down, potentially hard. Assuming we win at all, I imagine we're going to take some losses. I only hope that whoever or whatever we're rescuing will be worth it.

And I really worry about us winning. I am assuming that things like Covalence are going to be duplicated -- if artifacts are not duplicable, then we should be in good shape. But if they are, then we have no advantages in this fight.

Unless... if currently active buffs (like Errol's song, or bull's strength or whatever) aren't copied, then we could find an advantage by casting some buffs before the fight. If they are duplicated, then we've lost nothing -- but if they aren't, then we have found an edge. It seems unlikely to me that this would matter, but on the other hand, there's no real reason not to try it.

Along similar lines, I wonder if the mirror-me will have worn Covalence for as long as I have. I've worn it for 3 weeks, and it gets better as it gets to know you. If my double has only worn it for as long as he's been in existence, then there's another small edge we might have. Unfortunately, that's a pretty damn small edge.

Well, here's hoping.